About Us

Evolution Music is a collective of music industry and sustainability experts who want to see the music industry EVOLVE to become sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible.

The Evolutionary Change We Are Making

We are creating ecologically sustainable solutions that will accelerate the evolution of the industry to become earth friendly and socially responsible.

We are introducing bioplastics and circular economy principles to replace single use plastics and minimise waste in the music industry.

With our flagship product we are evolving past the use of PVC vinyl with our upcoming launch of the worlds first bioplastic LP

Our Purpose


To push the boundaries of our experience and sustain our love of music.

To ensure artists, labels and music lovers produce and purchase music in good conscience.

To forge a frictionless path to encourage transition.

To help evolve the music industry to amplify this social and environmental message and catalyse responsible behaviour change.

To drive the development of robust, socially just, earth friendly methods to create and enjoy music – considering waste, pollution, carbon emissions, living and working standards.

Our Vision

Evolution Music will work towards our mission by...​


Bringing the music industry products of the future into the present

Innovating the development of products and services, that are better on every level – placing equal value on efficacy and social and environmental responsibility. Evolution’s vision is to improve the quality of enjoyment and conscience around the music experience without compromise.


Inspiring music lovers across the globe to make social and ecological behaviour changes

Evolution will engage and educate music lovers to both understand the negative aspects of the status quo and inspire them with the possibilities for enjoying music with good conscience. Evolution’s vision is to improve the quality of enjoyment and conscience around the music experience without compromise.


Simplifying and streamlining the process of change

Evolution will work to understand the barriers to behaviour change and build in solutions to encourage rapid uptake of earth friendly alternatives, across the supply chain. Evolution will consider how to accelerate all customer segments to make significant contributions towards transformation.


Standing up for what is right

Evolution are savvy to potential barriers to success in the music and plastics industries and will take professional advice and appropriate steps to protect their actions and the actions of those who partner with them in driving their mission forwards.