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Our Mission

Evolution Music is bringing the music industry and other businesses together to accelerate the music industry’s shift to more sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible practices.

The World's First Bioplastic LP

Our initial flagship product is the bioplastic LP - available from the second half of 2022 - using circular economy principles to replace the harmful production and use of single use plastics and minimise waste in the music industry. We make it easy for labels and artists to make the change by producing bioplastic LPs (instead of PVC) using the record pressing plants’ existing machinery and production processes.

"Artists will be extremely keen to use Evolution Music’s bioplastic for their physical products. It’s a no-brainer, why use fossil fuel-based products when you can now simply choose not to? It feels like the Evolution Music team have quietly just created a revolution."

Fay MiltonSavages drummer and co-founder of Music Declares Emergency


Labels, Artists and Record Pressing Plants

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      Invest in Generating the Solutions

      We want the solutions to be owned by concerned and proactive music fans and artists who want to be part of creating the evolution to sustainable materials, products and manufacturing processes. Evolution Music has an open investment round for a minimum investment of £10,000 to raise £500,000 to enable this company to accelerate its work and generate the solutions we all want and need.

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