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Moving the Needle on women’s mental & physical health!

Moving the Needle on women’s mental & physical health!

Moving the Needles Event

“We Need Mental and Physical Health Support for Women in UK Music!” and you can be there too…

On Wed 12th October 5.45 -10 pm (at The Ministry SE1) The Moving The Needle a women’s health and wellbeing event will take place. It will celebrate women who are campaigning for equality, compassion and diversity in the music industry.

“The industry can no longer absolve itself of responsibility for the health of its artists, or deny the existence of the specific pressures that come with a career in music.”

There will be a panel about Menopause lead by radio presenter Emma B, the panel will talk about how to manage menopause and how to help others in the workplace. 

“It’s hard enough to navigate the pressures women face in the music industry, but with menopause comes an exhaustive potential new list of problems that affect both our mental and physical states. Discussion on women’s health and wellbeing in the entertainment industry is well overdue, and we need to start taking action to improve matters.” Emma B (Image credit: http://www.emmabradio.co.uk)

Ann Stephens and Jo McEwan, Co-Founders of PositivePause a menopause platform, will explain the options women have available and elaborate on how industry leaders and professionals can better support in these areas.

There will also be a panel on Mental Health and Diversity lead by Radio 1 DJ Charlie Tee alongside… 

Silvia Montello – CEO of Association for Electronic Music (AFEM)

Tristan Hunt – who recently left AFEM to focus on being a music industry ADHD coach. He says, “I spent most of my 20-year music industry career not knowing I had ADHD, so I know the struggles faced by those with the condition who work in the music industry.”
Maxine Hardcastle – Producer of the 2022 Music Producers Guild Award Ceremony, international DJ, and former EDITION Director of Nightlife and Entertainment.

Eve Horne – Founder of We Are The Unheard and MTN Board Member
The event is supported by Key Production Group.

Award-winning CEO (Key Production) Karen Emanuel says,

“Mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health. At Key, we train specific, trusted people to listen to women’s health and well-being issues, and signpost them for help and our staff can get one-to-one expert support if they’re facing acute issues. Real-life things happen to people, and they need all the support they can get. From a business perspective, without a healthy staff, I can’t have a healthy business.” 

Joe Corti, Events Programme Manager at The Ministry, adds, “With our roots in music, it is so important to support women’s mental and physical health in our industry. We’re delighted to provide a space for such a wonderful organisation and look forward to showcasing the brightest of female talent.”

Performing live at the event will be:

  • Malin Andersson
  • Ciara Haidar
  • Lily McKenzie
  •  DJ Carly Newman
  • DJ Maxine Hardcastle
  •  DJ Jemma

Still not convinced? Here are some stats to get you all hot under that collar

The Fawcett Society (website | report) reported in 2022 that:

–  1 in 10 women have left work due to menopause symptoms. Mapped on to the UK population, this would represent an estimated 333,000 women who left a job due to the menopause.

–  8 in 10 women say their employer hasn’t shared information, trained staff, or put in place a menopause absence policy. Only 1 in 4 women were offered HRT in a timely fashion.

–  31% of women agreed it took many appointments for their GP to realise they were experiencing menopause or perimenopause, rising to 45% among women of colour and 42% among women with 5+ severe symptoms.

–  Almost half of women haven’t approached a GP about menopause and 3 in 10 faced diagnosis delays

Events like this play an important role in the start of brilliant forward-thinking initiatives that can be the foundation of positive change. 

Ground-breaking, earth-changing innovations need support, just as a small ember needs the breath of life to make a flame.

Contact if you are interested: Hannah@CuriousPr.com | +44 (0)20 3397 9111

Our hat goes off to all the people that have put this amazing event together AND the people that are giving their time for such a meaningful and worthwhile cause. 

Below are links and additional information about the organisations that have made this happen.

Moving The Needle (MTN) is a not-for-profit educational support group that encourages young women of all ethnicities, backgrounds and personalities to enter the wide range of careers available in the UK music industry.  It also supports women throughout their entire careers, helping them to reach their full potential, including reaching senior management roles. The group provides education, mentoring and support via workshops, panels and debates. Find out more or sign up here:

www.MTNnow.com | Insta: @movingtheneedleuk  |  Facebook: @MTN.now |  Twitter: @MTNnow | LinkedIn: @Mtnnow

Key Production Group specialises in the production and manufacture of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records and cassettes, as well as bespoke packaging for music and a growing number of industries. The Group employs 58 people at four offices in England. Amongst other accolades, Key’s founder and CEO, Karen Emanuel, was NatWest Everywoman Of The Year in 2018. The Group is committed to being ever more environmentally sustainable: In 2019, it became carbon balanced in terms of offices and travel, and in 2020, it aims to enable clients to carbon-balance their own manufacturing operations. 

www.KeyProduction.co.uk | Insta: @Key_Production | Twitter: @KeyProduction | Facebook: @KeyProduction

www.MTNnow.com | Insta: @movingtheneedleuk  |  Facebook: @MTN.now |  Twitter: @MTNnow | LinkedIn: @Mtnnow

Positive Pause Co-founders, Ann Stephens and Jo McEwan, work with women, businesses and health & fitness professionals to ensure women going through menopause get the best support and evidence-backed information to be the best they can be. In 2017, they were perimenopausal, frustrated and underwhelmed by the online information they saw, navigating the menopausal minefield. Finding nothing that resonated they set up Positive Pause, a free-to-access, public-facing menopause information and training website with a glossy magazine feel that evolved into a business delivering live events for the public, and CPD events for health professionals. They now inform and educate line managers, employees, peers and partners about menopause, and how it can be supported. In 2021, driven by a shared belief in the magic of movement in menopause to make women feel good and flourish, they co-founded the online training platform Menopause Movement, to train health & fitness pros treating and training women. Ann and Jo want women to get access to correct, safe, appropriate treatment & training to boost happiness, mental well-being & physical health, going into perimenopause. 

www.positivepause.co.uk www.menopausemovement.co | Insta: positivepauseuk |Insta: menopausemovement

THE MINISTRY. Established in 2018 by the renowned Ministry of Sound, The Ministry is a workspace/community of creative minds and businesses in the heart of SE1. Wellness, technology, sustainability and creativity are combined with cutting-edge coworking and events spaces to create something truly unique and redefine the modern workplace. www.theministry.com  Insta: @theministryse1 | Fb: @theministrySE1 | Linkedin: @TheMinistry  

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