EarthPercent: A Charity Making a Positive Impact on Climate Change

21st April 2023
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that the world faces today, and it is a challenge that affects everyone, regardless of where they live, their age, or their occupation. This is where EarthPercent comes in, a charity that provides a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency. Read More

Moving the Needle on women’s mental & physical health!

10th October 2022
Moving the Needle on women’s mental & physical health! Moving the Needles Event “We Need Mental and Physical Health Support for Women in UK Music!” and you can be there too… On Wed 12th October 5.45 -10 pm (at The Ministry SE1) The Moving The Needle a women’s health and wellbeing event will take place. It will celebrate women who are campaigning for equality, compassion and diversity in the music industry. “The industry can no longer absolve itself of responsibility for the health of its artists, or deny the existence of the specific pressures that ...Read More

Interviews, Articles, Videos, Events and More!

28th September 2022
Interviews, Articles, Videos, Events and More! A great source for sustainability news! “Sustainability Magazine is an innovative digital publication aimed at bringing business executives up to date with the latest news, information, and trends from across the industry. Packed with exclusive insights from those at the centre of this dramatically changing landscape, Sustainability Magazine is an innovative digital platform that keeps industry leaders and key decision-makers right up-to-date with all the cutting-edge insight and trends affecting sustainability in all its forms. Sustainability Magazine is a digital platform comprising of a website, weekly newsletter, and a magazine ...Read More

Time to hop aboard

23rd September 2022
Time to hop aboard Time to hop aboard! Every now and then a shift takes place that could change an industry and perhaps in the end the world.  A simple idea can lead to an adjustment in best practices, opening up opportunities for new products and a brighter future. We call the people that create new technology innovators, an essential component of human endeavour.  The people that take a chance on a new innovation are known as ‘early adopters’, these are visionaries, they didn’t come up with the idea but they can see its ...Read More