The Solution

The Time Is Now

...the music industry is waking up to its climate and other impacts COP26, with the climate and ecological emergencies, rising awareness is rightly leading to a rising sense of urgency

...there is a clear need to demonstrate a 'solutions mindset' to show leadership by doing (rather than talking about doing)

...the music industry needs clear and doable industry-specific solutions to deliver net zero (zero carbon & zero waste)

The Goal

The business goal is to develop ‘a simply positive product’ that is commercially viable and to leverage this high-profile initial product to develop and commercialise a full range of products to supply the needs of the music industry and music lovers alike.

Initially, the technical goal was to identify a bioplastic that performs extremely well in this use, as this would remove the need to use PVC in the LP production process. The wider goal is to develop a solution that contributes significantly to a change in public consciousness, which contributes to the increasingly rapid substitution of bioplastics, in place of toxic plastics, and shifts to low carbon zero waste manufacturing.

The Process

Evolution Music Ltd will enable the manufacturing of bioplastic LPs through its supply chain relationships, with the process of manufacturing the bioplastic LPs remaining the same as those for PVC LPs – only the raw materials will be changed, with complementary people and planet friendly packaging and distribution used. Trials are being completed with different pressing plants to ensure the solution works for different types of pressing machinery in use.

Evolution Music Ltd are focused on providing a high-quality product supported by high quality customer service. This approach is essential to the values (Earth Care; People Care: Fair Share) that we work by, and which are driving Evolution Music Ltd as an ethical business.

Evolution Music Ltd (EM Ltd) is focused on working with our supply partners to transform the impacts of the materials used for making LPs and other music products, as well as their manufacturing processes.

There are various ways you can help us to…

Be Part Of The Solution

Labels, Artists and record pressing plants

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      invest in generating solutions

      We want the solutions to be owned by concerned and proactive music fans and artists who want to be part of creating the evolution to sustainable materials, products and manufacturing processes. Evolution Music has an open investment round for a minimum investment of £10,000 to raise £500,000 to enable this company to accelerate its work and generate the solutions we all want and need

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        Evolution Music has achieved is a major step toward a sustainable future for music.”

        Professor Kyle Devine

        Author of Decomposed