Evolutionary Thinking

Whilst we do not present ourselves as experts in this area, we fully recognise the need for evolutionary thinking to achieve circular economy net zero, people, place and planet friendly outcomes, and want to pursue this in our own work, and encourage it in others.

The world and the music industry are clearly needing to respond positively to an interconnected range of ‘significant problems of our time’ – from the climate and biodiversity crises, to ocean and ecosystems pollution, to very significant economic inequalities, and more.

Evolution Music is inspired and informed by the familiar Einstein quote that highlights that we cannot solve these significant problems at the same level of thinking that created them. We have to move to a different level (or pattern) of thinking. Therefore Evolution Music is simply making an effort to take the first steps towards this different level or pattern of thinking.

On this page we are including Blogs articles and other materials that aim to discuss and explore this kind of evolutionary thinking – and how it can be applied to the music sector, the creative industries as a whole, manufacturing and life in general!

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