EarthPercent: A Charity Making a Positive Impact on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that the world faces today, and it is a challenge that affects everyone, regardless of where they live, their age, or their occupation. This is where EarthPercent comes in, a charity that provides a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.

EarthPercent was founded in 2020 and is focused on getting resources to where they are most needed and stand the best chance of creating change at multiple levels. The organisation is focused on making grants that work towards three key objectives across five key areas of climate action: a greener music industry, just energy transition, protecting and restoring nature, legal and policy change, and climate justice.

One of EarthPercent’s primary goals is to improve the environmental impacts of the music industry. The organisation is working to ensure that the industry has a greener future that is cleaner, healthier, fairer, and supports thriving communities. This is achieved by investing in solutions that science has told us are necessary to protect and restore nature, change cultural norms and narratives, and target what the organisation calls the “hidden wiring” for system-wide impacts, including changing laws, regulations, and economic incentives.

To achieve its goals…

EarthPercent has established key priorities to guide its efforts. These include improving research on music’s climate impacts, supporting tools and training for artists, companies, and fans, advancing nature-based and citizen-powered renewable energy, protecting and restoring forests, oceans, and soils, and ensuring clean air for all communities. Every grant made by the organisation is vetted by its expert advisory panel, which includes climate scientists, academic researchers, economists, climate communicators, youth activists, community organisers, and policymakers.

Since its establishment, EarthPercent has partnered with various organisations working towards climate action, including ClientEarth, Global Greengrants Fund, Cool Earth, and Julie’s Bicycle and in more recent times Evolution Music. These partnerships allow the organisation to provide funding to local and indigenous communities organising against new fossil fuel developments and carbon-intensive projects. The grants also fund rainforest labs that provide real-time satellite data to indigenous communities defending against deforestation.

In conclusion, EarthPercent is an important charity that plays a crucial role in supporting climate action. The organisation’s work is critical to ensuring that the music industry contributes to a sustainable future, protecting and restoring nature, and advancing renewable energy.

EarthPercent’s partnerships with other organizations working towards climate action enable it to achieve its goals and make a positive impact on the planet. With the world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, organisations like EarthPercent are more important than ever.

What is the EarthPercent x Earth Day 2023 campaign, and what are some of its initiatives?

The EarthPercent x Earth Day 2023 campaign is an initiative by the UK and USA based charity, founded by musician Brian Eno, to raise funds for organisations working to tackle the climate emergency.

The campaign brings together over 60 artists to support climate action, and it continues the success of last year’s campaign. Some of the biggest names in music are contributing exclusive tracks to the campaign, including Coldplay x H.E.R, dodie, Bring Me The Horizon, Lutalo, Machinedrum, Fink, Mystery Jets, Gabrielle Aplin, and many more.

Fans can download previously unreleased, unheard, or exclusive tracks from the EarthPercent Bandcamp page or the artists’ own Bandcamp pages from April 20th to May 6th.

All proceeds from the digital downloads will go to EarthPercent’s Grant Giving Fund, which supports organisations working on the frontlines of climate action.

In addition, the campaign will see the release of three new double A-side bioplastic Evovinyl™ records to raise money for climate justice and environmental organizations.

These records include tracks from Coldplay x H.E.R, CHVRCHES and Robert Smith, Victoria Canal, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Future Utopia, Franc Moody, Say She She, Holly Humberstone, Anna Calvi, Andy LeMaster, and Gaelynn Lea.

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